Fishing, Fishing, Fishing

Fishing Rules

  • Fish whenever you like - no fee for fishing
  • We charge $4.00 per pound for the fish you catch
  • You MUST keep and PAY for all RAINBOW TROUT
  • Please release all small bream, sunfish, perch, and catfish.If large enough and you decide to keep, fee is $4.00 per pound

Trout are very fragile, usually die shortly after being touched or released, and cause many diseases to other fish. Please protect other fish in the pond from disease.

It cost us a lot of $$$$ to stock and maintain this pond for your enjoyment. We DO NOT make money off the pond. In fact, we actually lose money. Please respect us and abide by our rules.

If you break our simple rules, you will not be allowed to fish anymore. Plus, you will forfeit your entire security deposit, and you will not be allowed to rent from us again.

NOTE: You are allowed to release any, and all bream, sunfish, perch and catfish regardless of size. But, if they have swallowed the hook and are bleeding, please KEEP and PAY for them.

  • Fish cleaning service available - we charge .75 cents per pound
  • Some fish cleaning supplies available in chest on front porch
  • Bring your own fillet knives (unless flying in of course)
  • Fish remains should be thrown in the woods - DO NOT put in garbage please
  • If you need something fish related, please give us a call

Fishing Fun

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